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Prioritizing treaty, accessibility, and care, Eyelevel supports the production and presentation of socially-engaged artistic practices through arts programming outside of the traditional white-wall gallery.

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To be a trustworthy and reliable resource for local artists, arts workers and community
To give generously to our local communities, partners and collaborators
To always be open to growth
To practice fairness and radical transparency in our decisions, actions and relationships
To create spaces that centre care, inclusivity, thoughtfulness and reciprocity
To live and work in Treaty and Solidarity
To oppose and disrupt oppression and violence in all forms including, but not limited to: sexism, misogyny, transmisogyny, ableism, ageism, sizeism, homophobia, transphobia heterocentrism, racism and white supremacy.


Eyelevel is an arts worker/artist-run organization mandated to present and support the development of socially-relevant and thought-provoking artistic practices locally, regionally and nationally. Eyelevel supports artists through residencies, mentorship, publishing and presentation outside of a traditional gallery context that is accompanied by care-oriented and trauma-informed artistic, professional and personal support. Eyelevel aims to raise public awareness and capacity of our local arts community; particularly artists and arts workers who have been historically underserved and misrepresented in the contemporary art dialogue. Eyelevel strives to be a connector between artists, communities and the broader public, to constantly question the balance of power and work against systemic oppression and discrimination by centring anti-violence and pro-survivor practices. Eyelevel works in treaty to build a more inclusive and caring world through art, and to advance positive change within the arts through its operations, policies and programming.


Visit our website at http://eyelevel.art/submissions for the most up-to-date calls for submissions and for all submission guidelines


  • Major Projects/General call for submissions: January 19th annually
  • HEAT WAVES Residency Program: Every June
  • Expressions of Interest for our studios: Rolling (waitlist) with a deadline released with each studio vacancy
  • Other special projects TBA, follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter


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