Leah McInnis & David Peters: Club Assembly

Leah McInnis and David Peters collaborative construction, making it as you go along

Artist Profile - Leah McInnis & David Peters

  • Leah McInnis and David Peters seated facing camera and laughing

    Club Assembly is a site specific spatial activation from Canadian conceptual artists and collaborators, Leah McInnis and David Peters. Bringing together sculpture, text, light and image, this presentation of new work has been designed to foster contemplation, curiosity and conviviality.

    Stairs to nowhere reflected in a funhouse mirror.

    Using a single narrative as a conceptual framework or “armature” for building and writing, idea and form are blended in ways that are both abstract and literal. This story follows the first person to live forever, before they know it; a concept that may have been conceived years ago on an absurdist whim, and now feels charged with metaphor.

    Finding a crumpled note in the pocket of last year’s winter coat.

    This exhibition marks the first presentation of Leah and David’s collaborative practice on the east coast, and is also their first exhibition together since before the pandemic. Club Assembly is ultimately a celebration of words, architecture and friendship. There is a limited edition artist book published on the occasion of this exhibition available for purchase, which features the aforementioned story.

    It’s hard to figure out the arc, the center without a chord; shots in the dark really, everything still in play, nothing whistled down.

    Source: leahmcinnis.com/exhibitions/club-assembly