Ken Flett – It’s All About Love

A visit to a carver's workshop, revealing the character in hands and noses

Artist Profile - Ken Flett

  • Ken Flett sits with his dog at a sunny window with his marionette carving tools and materials

    “I am drawn to materials that hold a sense of history or storytelling, like a well-worn piece of leather or fabric that has faded from use. Discarded objects become part of my repertoire of media from which I create my works. My approach to art is closely aligned with that of the bricoleur , where I draw upon all sorts of everyday items – whatever is at hand – to create.

    Regardless of the medium, my work focuses on themes of love, memory, hope, and loss. I am most interested in making the invisible visible through my art and in doing so I honour the stories that would otherwise be lost and forgotten. Recently, I have begun to explore the art form of puppetry where I get to bring together all aspects of my creative practice to consider storytelling anew through this complex medium.” – Ken Flett,