Collective Intricacies

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Collective Intricacies is a group exhibition curated by Tamara Steele that features artworks by five artists based on Prince Edward Island: Baha Royalty, Chester Hewlett, King Kxndi, Martology, and Sammo Mossa. The exhibition took place from April 26 to June 3, 2022 and was organised by this town is small in partnership with Eptek Art & Culture Centre (Summerside, PEI). View a PDF of the exhibition catalogue


COLLECTIVE INTRICACIES – in spite of its title, this exhibition is a celebration of individuality. There are two popular stereotypes surrounding people of African descent that are widely adhered to. One is the narrative that we are all one people with one culture ignoring the fact that we all come from different places and different backgrounds, with different cultures and traditions, and we all live through different experiences. The other, is the labelling of things that we do, feel, or create as “Black” – Black music, Black joy, Black art – as if to imply that, rather than a diverse group of humans, we are instead nothing more than a genre in and of ourselves to be emulated and commodified. In the face of these stereotypes, this exhibition attempts to combat these narratives that dictate that there is only one way to “be Black”. This exhibition pays homage to the intricate details of our various cultures, upbringings, and lived experiences that create, within each of us, our own distinct strengths, weaknesses, styles, and our own brands of creativity. Through this exhibition, I celebrate the collective individuality of PEI’s Black artists.

– Tamara Steele, Curator


Tamara Steele is a musician, former gallery administrator, and the Director of the Black Cultural Society of PEI.

The exhibition is a partnership between this town is small and Eptek Art & Culture Centre and is made possible with the support of the PEI Culture Action Plan through Innovation PEI.