Imagining Art Spaces: An Inspiring Exercise

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On June 20, 2023, this town is small hosted a workshop for our membership called “Imagining Art Spaces”. In this workshop, participants were guided through prompt-based exercises to imagine their own idealized, inspiring, and even impossible spaces for art, through drawing and writing. They were asked questions such as: What is your dream exhibition space? Your dream studio space? Your dream collaborative art space? Participants had the opportunity to share their ideas together, encouraging imagination and experimentation around what could be.

Members shared their visions of an ideal art space which included ideas such as large shared studio spaces, outdoor exhibition venues, and fabrication labs, to more imaginative ideas such as zero-gravity galleries, teleportation machines, and fully immersive projection domes.

Imagine your own ideal art space by following these exercises:


Warm up: What are 5 things you would have in your utopia? (5 minutes)

Exercise 1: Imagine your ideal…

– Studio space, space to exhibit or share your artwork, or collaborative, shared art space (15 minutes)

Exercise 2: Take some time to come back to your space…

– What would you add, change, remove? How could it be even more wonderful and impossible? (10 minutes)