Arts at the Centre: Four Decades of Community Artistry

40th Anniversary of The Annapolis Region Community Arts Council

“The arts are at the centre of life in this community and that, I think, is due to what the Annapolis Region Community Arts Council has done since 1982.”

-Ted Lind, current board member

Key figures from ARCAC’s founding through to present day share memories of how, together, they have witnessed the inception, triumphs and challenges of creating a cultural community. The gathering of artistic energies mirror the simultaneous revival of the town.

“You know, our motto was: When it stops being fun, we’re not going to do it any more. And that worked!”

-Susan Tileston, executive director 1987-2000

Arts at the Centre: Four Decades of Community Artistry (12 minutes)

Video Production and Editing: Andrew Tolson
Audio Production and Music: Dillon Tonkin
Titles Designer: Peter Mansour

Featuring interviews with Ted Lind, Wayne Boucher, Sharon Hawboldt, Susan Tileston, and Brad Hall.

Bonnie Baker, Phillip Bailey, Kai Choufour, Brandt Eisner, Ken Flett, Lorne Julien, Leah McInnis, David Peters, Becky Thompson, Susan Tooke, Z’otz* Collective

Archival Photos:
Nat Tileston, Susan Tileston, Wayne Boucher, Annapolis Heritage Society, ARCAC

Founding Members:
Christine Ross Hopper, Wayne Boucher, Geoff Butler, Charles A Couper, Nyna Cropas, Gene Samson, Sharon Hawboldt