Matrilineal Threads, Kasie Campbell (Sep-Oct 2021) – Art Talks at ARTSPLACE

Livestream - Kasie Campbell Art Talk, Matrilineal Threads (Sep. 25-Oct. 30, 2021)

MATRILINEAL THREADS is both a performative and sculptural installation created by Kasie Campbell in collaboration with her late mother, Ginette Lund (d. 2018). Consisting of large yarn sculptures, the work explores Campbell’s relationship with her mother and examines the links between gender, craft, domesticity and tradition.

Working distantly from Edmonton and Grande Prairie, the duo used thread, yarn, nylon, batting and textiles as way to embrace Lund’s aptitude for crochet.

The exhibit is comprised of eight large, free-standing sculptures and a series of sweaters. Some of these are typically objects of comfort made by those we love, like a blanket or a sweater—they are functional and warm.

Human anatomy is central to the art, and is rendered in the works that are fleshlike in their own right. The sculptures’ crocheted skin, orifices, and textile appendages unravel the feelings of familiar comfort associated with the medium.

Ginette Lund battled lupus for 35 years, and worked tirelessly with Campbell, determined to continue despite her pervasive cancer and carpal tunnel in both hands. Although a person’s passing can never be timely, Campbell considers herself lucky to have collaborated on this project with her mother, and is content that Lund’s name will tour beside her own, even though she is gone.

Artist Profile - Kasie Campbell

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    Kasie Campbell is an award-winning visual artist working on Treaty 6 Territory. In 2015, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture at the University of Alberta. Campbell’s work integrates a variety of media including sculpture, photography, and installation with performative means. Themes of the abject and simultaneous tensions around beauty and the grotesque surrounding the female body have been major points of interest in her work.

    Notably, Campbell has exhibited her work throughout Canada and internationally at Grounds for Sculpture (south of NYC), Mana Contemporary in Hamilton, NJ, Mana Contemporary in Chicago, IL, New York City at the Westbeth Gallery, Viljandi, Estonia and more recently is a part of an upcoming group show titled “The Scene” at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Artist Statement

In 2016, my mother and I received an individual project grant from the Edmonton Arts Council to create a series of crocheted sculptural works together. A part of our project required that my mother crochet a series of works derived from themes of the body. Oftentimes I would send provocative, rough sketches and she would bring these two-dimensional drawings to life, creating her own patterns. I would then take the large, crocheted works and respond to it, transcribing it with another set of materials.

Crochet is an important aspect of the work because in my matrilineal line, crochet was taught to my grandmother from her mom, my grandmother taught my mom and my mother taught me. I hope to pass this skill along to my daughters too.

This work speaks to our relationship and to our very personal experiences as women, mothers, daughters, and grandmothers through traditionally feminine craft.

– Kasie Campbell